PicMonkey Colla

I wish I could take you inside my mind because it’s a very amusing place to be. Unfortunately we don’t have that technology yet so I’ll just spill my brains out into this website for you to see.

If you adventure through the pages you will find that art is my passion. I am fortunate to be in the perfect time of life to be able to spend a lot of time submerged in my art and I can tell you it makes me one happy camper. Nothing makes me more ME than free time with my art supplies.

Writing is another passion and I’m trying to be better about blogging, not only about my art but also other topics that get me fired up;  Community, Mentoring, Poverty, Mental Health, Homelessness and Literacy Or things I get all mushy about like the kindness of strangers, how awesome my kids are and how great it is to live in Ontario, Canada and how I’m proud to call both London and Collingwood, home.

Photography has taken a back seat lately but once I’m out in the woods (’bout time you showed up, Summer) and doing more camping, you can expect hundreds of pictures of rocks and trees.

You’re welcome. 

My art can currently  be found in Ontario libraries, galleries and  upcoming shows.  I can usually be found doodling on a scrap of paper, on a bus or on twitter. I’m thankful for the incredible support I’ve received through the power of the internets and the opportunities that have arrived through you all.

Thank you

Love Cheri


london collage